Wendy Luikart(non-registered)
Awesome. Can't believe you are tall AND talented. AND a Doctor. Sheesh. These are really great! Thanks for sharing!
Steve Crabtree(non-registered)
I'm a friend of your bro's Aaron, he passed your website to me. Great photo's! You have captured some spectacular frames. Love the Star trails over reflection lake. Maybe we could meet up sometime, I would like to fine out what techniques you are using for some of the shots.
Excellent work. These photos need to be all over my office walls. I love them.
Cathy Charles(non-registered)
I am so totally blown away! I had seen some before but these....so wonderful! Such a blessing to see and capture the wonders of such a variety of places. Great job!
MATT LINSCHEID(non-registered)
Very nice work.
Bill Blackburn(non-registered)
Great photos!
Amazing photo's mate, keep them coming, well done!
Love your new website! Looking forward to seeing more of your images in the future.
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